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Mini Cooper

Magnificent, Magical Mini Cooper is a star to behold! Leverage on expert technicians, advanced tools and excellent service all in one place.


Mini Cooper Car Daignostics

Avoid the long waiting, time consuming complete car inspection with automated car diagnostics for your Minicooper cars. Get your car computing system connected to an automated software that smartly picks the vehicle’s internal component-specific issues and provides an overview of the car condition.

Mini Cooper Regular Maintenance

Engine, filters, brakes, fluid to wheels pamper the parts for they give life to your car! Our service centers provide company-recommended maintenance services that is strictly followed in every step of our service. Factory manuals and repair guides are taken as main reference points by our expert technicians while handling a Minicooper.

Mini Cooper Major Repairs

We cut down 50% of your costs with professional efficiency. Accurate diagnostics followed by quick sourcing of genuine parts and car repairs handled only by expert technicians; a premium service carved with quality and sheer expertise. Get your major repairs done in a place where quality comes at an amazing price.

Mini Cooper Collision Repairs

With a variant in colours, coats and solutions, get your Minicooper back in form. Be it Chassis, main body or car panel damages, our service centers work with latest body repair technology stocked by finest equipment to make accidental and collision repairs effective and a foolproof process.

Mini Cooper Detailing Services

High standard acid-free degreasers, detailing clay, innovative polishes; an extensive interior and exterior detailing services makes our car service center topnotch. From underbody anti-rust treatment to body components waxing, shine coats we assure to make your Minicooper car look all brand new with meticulously serviced.

Mini Cooper Denting

While a team of experts work on every surface of dent, we ensure to keep the pride of your Minicooper car safe and sound. A dedicated skillful workforce and industry standard workshops, our service centers use the latest dent removal techniques, finest equipment to get your Minicooper car back in shape.

Mini Cooper Painting

Paint your Minicooper with finest paint supplies that match manufacturer’s colour code and top quality equipment teamed with skilled workforce at work. Surface scratches or dulled out panels, give it an unbelievable finish with every inch worked on artistically at our car service center. For a brand new look painted to last!

Mini Cooper Wheel Alignment

Get your Minicooper car restore its strength and vigour with our wheel alignment services performed in detail from balancing, rotation to alignment.  Control arms, sway bars, ball joints, shocks, struts, wheels, tyres, our service centers inspect balance and align your cars in an all-rounded manner for a safe joyful ride.

Mini Cooper Car Wash

An extensive internal vacuuming, wash of windshield, doors, windows, bumpers to every other component covered making it dust free and completely clean. Our car washing services makes your Minicooper shine with freshness, fragrance and a newness like never before. Touch it to feel the difference!

Mini Cooper Ceramic coating

Indulge into a ceramic coat that’s flawless, appealing and shining for your prided possession, a Minicooper! High-quality, functional coating solutions that are artistically spread for a premium look and finish, gives the much needed aesthetic appeal and a lasting effect for Minicooper cars.

Mini Cooper Service Tracking

No more hassles with tiring calls and follow-up visits!  Get a live tracking through our customer-friendly, mobile-enabled system to know service status of your Minicooper cars. Customer convenience, transparency and quick service is what drives us to being a sought after car service center.

Mini Cooper Auto-Service Alerts

We provide you with a DMS-enabled (Data management system) service that sends auto alerts from car service centers, so that you can keep note on regular servicing and up-to-date on the same. We serve to ensure health and longevity of your car, your pride, your Minicooper!