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The Indian luxury car market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 23% during the forecast period (2019 – 2024) Rs 33,000 Cr is the estimated growth of industry by 2020 with an expected rise of 8% is the rise of shares of multi-brand organized servicing players. A growing sector with lesser players in the multi-brand servicing to compete with just 1% catering to a booming market demand.

Vasant Motors, as a leading brand offers a proven formula for car servicing franchise. Incredible support for every process on shop floor, expert training, technical support and massive multi-brand inventory stocking makes every franchise venture a success-driven opportunity.


Tested Business Models


Genuine Spare Parts


Expert Franchisor Support


Multi-faceted Training

Vasant Motors Steering Success!
Vasant Motors

Redefining industry practices to add value for its stakeholders, Vasant Motors brings in viable and innovative business strategies for its franchisee with enormous backend and market support. Customer-centric latest products, top quality component supply, streamlined processes and standard automated & digitally equipped service centers makes Vasant Motors a best in class brand to engage.

Brand Assurance & 100% transparency
Vasant motors as a brand stands for reliability and years of service that has been built on trust
Online service enabled
For improved bookings, customer engagement and to fast track services
Authorized Licenses
Access to manufacturer’s catalogues to aid in an error-free & time saving servicing
Standard operating procedures
Company defined protocols that ensures quality
Digital Marketing
Strategized, planned marketing efforts to enhance business and sales
Multi-faceted Manpower training
Technical expertise to staff to handle multi-brand cars and increase effectiveness of understanding and usage of advanced auto software
Diagnostic Kits
Easy access through Franchisor’s network
Access to genuine spares
Company-owned massive multi-brand inventory stocking assures an quick and easy access to spares
Installation of full car workshop
Design & set-up of your dream workshop
Advanced Auto Software
Provides Robust IT systems – CRM for enhanced Operations & Management
Franchise Financials
A Fetching Franchising Deal

Engage in Franchise opportunities that are designed to succeed in premium market places. Vasant Motors is a leading car dealer & servicing brand having tested franchise models that go hand-in-hand with concrete backend systems and protocols making every franchise association completely foolproof.

The outlet its complete installation is done under professional supervision, having everything right at its place with absolute quality.

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