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Attractive, Alluring and Ace in cars, AUDI as it goes! Find the best of repair, replacement, service and maintenance at the Audi car service center here.


Audi Car Diagnostics

A computer-aided service, car diagnostics saves you from the conventional mode of full car inspection. We pull out faults and error logs from the vehicle’s computing system, giving a complete error-free detail of area-specific issues and condition of Audi car. Guided Fault Finding & OBD diagnostics scanning points car issues spot on!

Audi Regular Maintenance

Leave your Audi car in trusted hands for an expert service. From Engine, AC, filters, brakes to wheels get an all-rounded service at our car service center. Regular preventive car maintenance for Audi cars is a long-term investment that you do for an increased car life, smooth drive and higher performance.

Audi Major Repairs

Major repairs on a safe mode! Save on 50% of your expense on major repairs for Audi cars, where both your money, time are saved. With use of genuine parts rightly sourced with manufactures specific warranty and handled by expert technicians at the Audi car service center makes your service swift and error-free.

Audi Collision Repairs

Custom dent and paint repairs. Get the accidental scars on your Audi car off with our collision repair services. Our Audi car services include repairs under accidental and insurance claims. We are a call away to get specific details or just an estimated quote to let us serve you through our service centers.

Audi Detailing Services

Dents, paints, aesthetics a complete interior and exterior detailing services to make your Audi car look all brand new. We use high standard acid-free degreasers, detailing clay, polishes, shines and ceramic coats that takes our detailing services to a whole new level.

Audi Denting

Get your Audi car to its old glory back again. Our denting services are performed in dedicated workshop in industry standard procedures with latest dent removal techniques. Let any kind of dent no longer bother you with our Audi service center right at your rescue. With skilled technicians at your service.

Audi Painting

Let the major scratches get a uniform smooth finish. Our Audi car service centers are equipped with state-of-the-art colour booths, assure you a 100% matching and the originality of colour you look for. Our trained service staff in a highly equipped service center, give the car an amazing finish that’s hard to believe.

Audi Wheel Alignment

Avoid premature wear and tear and increase the life of the wheels! Maximize performance through our wheel alignment services. Our auto repair services for Audi cars aim for an allrounded care for all kind of premium models. Wheel alignment, wheel balancing, wheel rotation; get it all for your Audi to rule back the streets!

Audi Car Wash

A thorough detailed car wash for your Audi, to remove the tiniest speck of dust off every surface! Our Audi auto service centers stand for its detailed and meticulous approach towards a flawless cleaning. Dashboard, interior vacuum clean, windows, bumpers, air pressure and windshield not leaving a single surface unturned.

Audi Ceramic Coating

Our service center for Audi cars offer high-quality, functional coating solutions that are innovative in its aesthetic appeal and long lasting in nature. A classic ceramic finish for a luxury car like Audi, that deserves nothing but the premium!

Audi Service Tracking

No more hassles with tiring calls and follow-up visits! Our mobile-enabled service lets you have a complete access to track the status of your Audi car service from any point and anywhere. A service where customer convenience tops everything else!

Audi Auto-Service Alerts

Audi car’s regular service & maintenance is a fuel for its performance. Our DMS-enabled (Data management system) service ensures to send timely auto alerts to clients from the car service centers so that you would never miss out on it! Preventive maintenance has been a key for a car’s long life.